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We’re committed to getting you the quick small business loan you need for your business to truly take off and grow. See if your small business is eligible for financing today.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Small business loans give you access to financing for your business. The funds can be used to cover equipment, payroll, operations, and other business needs.

Online business loans allow the small business owner to apply online with a few easy steps. Business owners can have the financing they need in as little as 24 hours1. Lenders determine the requirements needed for a business to qualify for a loan. They’ll typically review credit score, time in business, and annual revenue.

There are several types of small business loans. Each type of business loan requires different qualifications and documentation. There are SBA government loans, small business bank loans, and alternative financing business loans.

SBA loans and bank loans most often require more documentation and take a long time to secure. The SBA loan application process is long and document heavy, especially compared to an alternative small business loan. Short-term small business loans generally have a quick online application process and put you in touch with a specialist to help choose the best loan option for your business.

With SmallBusinessLoans partner network, a business can qualify for up to $500,000 and get their funds in as little as 24 hours1. The amount you qualify for will depend on your annual gross sales, credit score, time in business and other factors depending on the lender.

SmallBusinessLoans’ partner network offers short-term small business loans to borrowers with fair to excellent credit. These loans can be used for working capital, equipment financing, payroll, marketing and almost any other needs of your business.